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Heartbreaking video of Thai bride telling guests that her groom has run away. Farah Daley. Posted on 24 July 2018 | 9,093 views | 7 comments. According to The Nation, the bride’s parents had demanded 2000,000 baht ($8,160) in cash and gold ornaments worth 200,000 baht as a dowry.

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12. Rod Nam Sang (Shell Ceremony) With the bride and groom seated next to each other (bride on the left,) and joined by the Sai Monkhon thread, the guest will begin to line up to have a turn with the couple.

A would-be Thai bride has gone viral after live-streaming her heartbroken announcement to guests that the groom did not show up to their wedding yesterday. Jutathip Nimnual, a 25-year-old from Ratchaburi province, has filed a police report demanding compensation from her fiancée, as the wedding reception had cost her family THB400,000 (US$12,000), reported Thairath.

The order of toasts will be the bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bridemaids, groomsmen, and lastly, the bride and groom. Lunch Please enjoy the authentic Thai cuisine.

A traditional Thai wedding is a complex ceremony containing many rituals that may last for several hours. If you are the fiancé or part of the fiance’s family, you are expected to give the bride and her family certain wedding gifts prior to the wedding.

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Traditionally in Thai culture, the family of the groom discuss with the family of the bride how much dowry (‘sinsod’) should be paid. Once this is agreed, the engagement can take place which involves an offering of gold and gifts for the bride and her family.

Once the gates have been successfully negotiated, the groom can take the bride from her room to continue the next part of Thai wedding ceremony which is the dowry ceremony. Thai marriage at large and definitely the ceremony of traditional Thai wedding …

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Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony Edited and translated by Cholthanee Koerojna August 1, 2005 Speaking of marriage, there are two marriage ways taken place in Thailand. In the past the custom was for the parents of the bride and groom to matchmaking. It was possible the couple did not even know each other.

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The scorned bride has threatened to sue her former fiance for 600,000 baht (AUD$24,289) to cover the cost of the ceremony and reception, the Post reported. She’s not the first partner left at the altar to demand to be reimbursed for their expenses.

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